When Less Really Is More

We can make the signs but we can’t make them “work”

When considering having signs made, here’s a few simple things you can consider:

  • Maybe…you don’t need to put “www” in front of your URL.
  • Maybe…your phone number “spells” something. Let’s check.
  • Maybe…we could substitute that script font for something bolder and easier to read.
  • Maybe…a stronger contrast between your font colors and your background would make your message stand out more.
  • Maybe…we could shorten that sentence into a statement and save some space.

You do not have a lot of time for someone to read your sign. So keeping it simpler and cleaner makes for a much more easily understood sign.

Creating Business Cards

5 Important Tips!

1: Communication

     Make sure you’ve covered your bases on what information to include on your card. Don’t ever be in a situation where someone doesn’t know how to contact you. Name, title, phone number and email address at the minimum. Also, we recommend including the general office number for your company and website. Idea: space permitting, add a QR code that links to your website.

2: Standard Size

     More than likely the card is going to be put in a wallet, or some sort of business card holder. If your card doesn’t fit, guess what? It gets thrown out. We love a unique design or die-cut, but try to keep your creativity inside the 2″x3.5″ art board.

3: Define your Business, Simply

     The objective should be very clear and make a lasting impression. Include a logo and key words to refresh the receiver’s memory about your product or services. Remember to keep it simple with a phrase or short sentence.

4: Writeable

     More often than you think, you will want to jot a note down. Make sure that the material you choose is pen receptive.

5: Utilize your White Space

     White space is what helps define contrast between the text and the background. Don’t make the mistake of cramming so much information on your card that it becomes hard to read. Let your words breathe to create the most eye-appealing design.